I am a computer scientist, that discovered the unix world circa 2019 ever since I have been a pain to my friends and relatives every time a discussion regarding operating systems starts (I have to admit that this rarely happens)

I am obsessed with code-style, I really hate messy looking code. I try to stick to the linux kernel code-style guidelines and if you code with me I will try to make you use them as well. As you can imagine it can be sometimes annoying to work with me, but I am pretty sure you will thank me later when we have to maintain or add features to the code down the line.

I also try to do code in a pragmatic way sticking to principles like KISS (keep it simple and stupid, or keep it simple, stupid), and DRY (do not repeat yourself)

I also like the idea of the small web and really do not like javascript bloated websites That's why this page is purely html and a small css file.

Also I am not a native English speaker so forgive any grammatical mistakes you find.

Lastly, thank you for reading the blog and wondering who am I. I hope you found it helpful or useful :)

contact: [email protected]