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Set up wifi in raspberry os (no monitor, no keyboard, no mouse)

what we'll do

ethernet cable needed

  1. flash image into microsd
  2. enable sshd before boot
  3. conect raspberry to router
  4. connect via ssh
  5. set up wifi

disclamer: I don't know if this is the best way of doing this, but it works :)

flash image to microsd

already discussed this in another post

enable the ssh daemon before first boot

The raspberry OS doesn't enable ssh by default. So we need to enable it, we could enable it in our first boot, but since we don't have a screen how would we enable the option.

All we need to do is the following: After we flashed the image to the microsd, two partitions will be created boot and roofts, if I'm not mistaken. We need to mount the boot partition and add a file in there, this can be done by just:

touch ssh

by just creating a file named ssh in the boot partition, raspberry os, will enable sshd.

if you don't know how to mount a device check

man mount

for more info

connect to router

Okay, get up from your chair and go to your router. Connect the ethernet cable to both the raspberry pi and your router, hear the click in both sides and plug the raspberry into the power socket.

Depending on the model, you'll see some lights turning on and off, this is normal don't worry, if nothing turns on, then you didn't connected the raspberry into the wall or your charger is broken or something :(

connect via ssh

Okay, so now we know that the raspberry has access to your local network but we don't know its IP address. There are a couple ways you can do this but the easiest and simplest is to do:

ifconfig -a

find your IP address, is something like: 192.168.bla1.bla2, once you find it then we use a tool called nmap, to check for devices in our local network

if nmap it's not installed you can do

sudo dnf install nmap

or use apt, if you are in debian

Now, we did the ifconfig for two reasons, first, to know our IP address, and second to see the bla1 number (192.168.bla1.bla2). The raspberry probably is in the same bla1 number as your computer.

(Please note that bla1 isn't the official term :) )

Well, let's do it, let's use nmap

nmap -F 192.168.<bla1>.1-255

replace bla1 with your number :)

All the devices in your local network will show up. If you see a lot of them with the port 22 open, then unplug your raspberry, run the command, plug it, wait a few seconds, and run the command again. See what device showed up when you plugged the raspberry. Most likely this is your raspberry.

In case you only see your computer and other device with the port 22 open then probably that's your raspberry. If not, do the "unplug" thing I mentioned

Now all we have to do is

ssh [email protected].<bla1>.<bla2>

the IP address is the one you took from the nmap command.

It will ask you something about a key, say yes, and then it will ask you a password. Remeber the password we set in the first step? just kidding lol. The default password is raspberry. Write it down, and if you see

pi@raspberrypi:~ $

Hurray :) you're in.

set up wifi

I'd recommend changing the password with


Then you can run

sudo raspi-config

A GUI will be opened, select System Options, and then Wireless LAN write your SSID and passphrase. Select finish

check everything right

Finally, just run:

ifconfig -a

You must see the wlan0 interface with an IP address. If that's there: congrats! Now you can unplug the ethernet cable, your raspberry has wifi now.

NOTE: Probably not, but the IP from wlan0 can change, take your precautions. But don't worry you can always use nmap to find it.

Hope that helps,

happy coding :)